Gary van Scyoc
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Bass Styles Inc. is proud to announce private bass lessons taught by Gary Van Scyoc exclusively. The lessons are currently available at the following three locations: Kenilworth, Paramus and Columbia N.J. Beginners, intermediate, advanced as well as professionals are welcome! Lessons are also given on six string guitar (electric or acoustic), reading, music theory, recording studio bass techniques, ear training and beginner voice classes (microphone technique etc.). All students must be at least 13 years of age. Lessons are a minimum of one hour in length. Please use the “Contact” on the menu for more info, rates and availability. Hundreds of you former students out there who have been loyal to Gary through the years are encouraged to contact us so you can give us your info for the new Bass Styles Inc. data base. Also please go to our “Store” so you can purchase the long awaited “Shortcuts” To Improving Your Bass Playing. and Gary’s “Pop Goes The Elephant” CD.

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