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“Imagine” was one of the most heartfelt projects in which I have ever been involved. After John Lennon’s death in 1980 I was invited to participate in a tribute show. Along with myself on bass and vocals, Randy Clark who was the “John” character in Broadway’s “Beatlemania” on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Jerry Plotkin, keyboards and vocals. Bobby Chen (Mick Ronson Band, Genya Ravan) on drums and percussion, Preston Elliot on guitar and vocals and Bruce Fisher doing the “Paul” vocals as well as trumpet we set about presenting one of the most intense presentations of John’s material ever attempted on the big stage. The show did a limited run (6 Months). The show was sold out in almost every venue on the east coast and was an emotional, grieving experience not only for me and the other players but for the audience as well. I am extremely proud of this show till this day. The video speaks for itself.

Imagine - Sgt. Pepper Reprise A Day in the Life

As promised during their first visit on the show, John and Yoko return to the Dick Cavett Stage at ABC TV and perform live with my band Elephants Memory on two songs. John's "Woman is the Nigger of the World" and Yoko's "We're All Water". The show which was taped May 3rd also featured actress Shirley MacLaine. Just prior to the episode airing, network executives ordered for John's performance of "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World" to be edited out of the show, fearing that viewers would be offended. Cavett protested, and in a compromise that saved the song from being cut, recorded a disclaimer for insertion into the show. Elephants Memory personnel was:  Wayne "Tex" Gabriel - guitar, Adam Ippolito - keyboards, Stan Bronstein - saxophone, Rick Frank - drums and me on bass guitar. This is currently available on DVD "The Dick Cavett Show" (John and Yoko Collection).
We're All Water: Yoko on Dick Cavett Show Woman is the Nigger of the World        

The Mike Douglas Show

This was the first performance that Elephants Memory did with the Lennon's after meeting them in late 1971. We spent the week in Philadelphia and many guests were invited to be on the afternoon talk show with John and Yoko as guest hosts including John's idol Chuck Berry. The line up is John Lennon - guitar and keyboards, Yoko Ono - percussion, Rick Frank - drums, Stan Bronstein - saxophone, Adam Ippolito - keys, Wayne "Tex" Gabriel - guitar, Jerry Rubin - percussion and me on bass. Mike Douglas sang a song every day as a tribute to his musical guests. The first day Mike did a "Paul" song "Michelle" and John was not pleased!

It's So Hard    


This concert was filmed on August 30th, 1972 in Madison Square Garden by Joko Films and was produced by John and Yoko.  Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band was John Lennon - guitar and keyboards. Yoko Ono - keyboards, Stan Bronstein - saxophone, Wayne "Tex" Gabriel - lead guitar, John Ward - 2nd bass guitar, Jim Keltner - drums, Rick Frank - drums, Adam Ippolito - keyboards and me on bass guitar. This concert was hosted by Heraldo Rivera from ABC TV and raised over $400,000 for mentally retarded children at the Willowbrook hospital in upstate New York. The recording supervisor was producer Phil Spector. This is the only live concert that John ever performed as a headliner after the break up of the Beatles. Songs performed were "Power to the People", "New York City", "It's So hard", "Woman is the Nigger of the World", "Sisters Oh Sisters", "Well Well Well", "Instant Karma", "Mother", "Born in a Prison", "Come Together", "Imagine", "Cold Turkey", "Hound Dog", and "Give Peace a Chance".

John Lennon Come Together (Afternoon Live)
One to One
John Lennon Woman is the Nigger of the World John Lennon Live 1972 - Cold Turkey John Lennon - Well Well Well John Lennon - Give Peace a Chance (live 1972) John Lennon Live at Madison Square Garden (Imagine)
John Lennon - Instant Karma (Live) John Lennon - Live at Madison Square Garden (Mother)      


“Strange Fruit” May 31st 2012
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