Gary van Scyoc
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Based on years of experience as a professional bassist and music educator, Gary Van Scyoc, shares his wealth of knowledge in his book, "Shortcuts to Improving Your Bass Playing"

This book is destined to be a valuable asset to any bass player.

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Shortcuts to Improving Your Bass Playing

In my many years as a professional bassist and as a teacher of bass, I have always used or created shortcuts. Whether it is for the reading and writing of key signatures, the circle of fifths and fourths, diatonic chords, scale formulas and fingerings, chord symbols or the transposition of keys, there is a need for the contemporary bassist to understand these aspects of musical theory in a comprehensive way.

Older players that I have had the pleasure of working with have passed down the following methods to me. Some of these methods I have stumbled onto on my own. Every bassist needs to get an edge on the many facets of being a musician in the contemporary music scene today.

The shortcuts contained in my book are intended to make learning the bass easier and hopefully speed up the process so the player can react to information from written or audio sources in an organized educated way. I hope these shortcuts help you to improve your bass playing. Good Luck.

Gary Van Scyoc

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